Apr 9, 2012

My life - overload

Wow I have slacked majorly on updating this blog. And I apologize for that. I wish I could begin to explain and properly convey what all has been going on in my life!
Happily busy.

I really do promise to stay busy with my blog more now.

Hopefully, this little post suffices as a bit of a recap of the past, oh...month or so!

We recently decided to get into the spring mode and decorated the balcony. The planter boxes were only a couple dollars at Target, and they zip tied on. Which, for us, was really good because we wouldn't want to drill into the railing on anything. The little solar lights were only $1 at Target as well, we did a pretty good job on a budget! 

Staggered blue and green planter boxes with cute pansies.

The pretty pansies that seem to love the balcony!

Any one close to me I'm sure knows I love my hair. I've gona through a lot of different reds, and a few assorted additional colors. And I don't plan on going away from the red family, just like I never planned on any sort of cutting of my hair.
I hate getting my hair cut. I have a dream on long mermaid (read as: Ariel) hair. It's also been years since I let anyone but myself cut my bangs...That changed!

I took the plunge, and had my hair dresser chop my bangs. I really do love them, it's just very different still.

Apparently this makes me look more mature and adult like.

This is very random, but I am working on restoring this beautiful vintage train case Josh and I found at a local flea market. It was a steal, $6! I've redone the bottomliner of it because a previous owner had spilled something in it. I'll be transforming it into a cash box of sorts. 

Vintage train case!

I've been working on fancier nails lateley! My most recent haul at Ulta was probably one of the bests yet!

Seeing as I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games (also Peeta), I was so excited to see the display for the China Glaze Hunger Games edition polishes!
I picked up Dress Me Up and Luxe & Lush. I'm sure I'm bound to pick up some more in the near future (anyone see the green and orange colors?!).

China Glaze - The Hunger Games - Dress Me Up and Luxe & Lush

Obviously I am channeling Katniss!

And then I added a little more flair that's more Jen-- Cheetah nails!

If you want to do cheetah nails, get one of these detailer brushes at Ulta! I will work on a tutorial for the cheetah print for everyone soon!

This Easter weekend was fantastic. Josh and I got to spend so much time with one another and our families. Saturday we headed up to the Poconos to visist my grama.
When we arrived, as usual there was a feast out! She makes enough food for an army! On Easter Sunday we exchanged our Easter baskets to one another- I cant even tell you how much candy we have in the house now! Later in the night we went to Josh's mom's new house for Easter dinner. Everything was great there as well!

Easter cupcakes I made to bring up to my grama's-- the birds nests on top are chow mein noodles covered in chocolate!

My parents spoiled me a little bit!

You'd swear Josh and my mom planned this! The clutch Josh got me matches perfect.

A little news on my cupcakes!
I am officially LLC'd. Hello Cupcakes!, LLC

I have even done my first order of cupcakes- wedding shower cupcakes. They came out very cute,
Currently Josh is working on a website for me for all the cupcakes. I also have plans for flea markets and such to sell these treats!
Everything is getting so exciting with this little business. I have big dreams of a bakery one day, we'll see.

Fancy business cards!
In the process of this being a label for the bakery boxes!


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