Feb 15, 2012

Teen Mom 2 Recap - 02/14/12

And so we part our ways with the Teen Mom 2 girls for awhile. This season has been one of the biggest roller coasters for these girls emotionally. They've all gone through so much emotionally, and hopefully have learned from mistakes and taken those lessons to their present day lives (which I'm sure we all can't wait to see next season).

We see Leah is still at her mom's, and hasn't spoken to Corey in about two weeks. She relies on her mom and friend Kayla for a lot of support. She tells Kayla she can live with her once the trailer is settled, they also discuss that she's not ready to take off her rings. But she probably will never take off the one that says the girls name on the inside. At one point she is pouring her heart out to momma Dawn, who then tells her she just got in a package of photos from her wedding day and wasn't sure if she'd want to see them. Yes, just what she needs, to be reminded that 6 months ago she walked down the aisle to the man she thought would be her forever. Then we flash to Corey reading the local newspaper (reading, really?), he's conveniently perusing the divorces section. He is shocked to see that Leah has filed for divorce. I'm personally shocked by a few things here- Corey reading, a newspaper printing divorce reports, and that he wasn't made aware of the filing in the two weeks that elapsed. He dramatically removes his wedding band and places it on the side table. Corey texts Leah later and asks when he can see the girls, as much as Leah doesn't necessarily want to, she sticks to her lawyers advice- she tells Corey to have his lawyer contact her lawyer. When Leah gets the call from her lawyer about the plan of action, she's not thrilled about spending time away from the girls, but knows they need time with their dad as well. Leah is to meet Corey and his father at the lawyers office the next morning, then the follow day she can pick them up at Corey's trailer at 7pm, which is when she can get her things. The drop off of the girls is tear filled. The next day is a thousand times worse. At this point Leah is obviously trying to remove herself from what's going on a bit, she says she will be picking up her possessions- not her things or belongings. Once in the home she starts taking the things that are hers, like the couches, some clothing, etc.. Then Leah heads into the girls room, she tells Corey they can split the toys up, except the Xmas gifts because she bought them all. Then she asks about the washer and dryer, Corey tells her they can split them and asks her which she'd like- of course she says the washer. He rolls his eyes a bit, but says okay and that he'd rather her take than them waste time and money fighting over them in court when he could just buy a new one. Leah has a complete breakdown in the house and then the car, this was a big realization for her that it was over. Once she leaves with Ali and Aleah, Corey has a teary break down in the half empty trailer by himself.

What an amazing turn of events! Remember last season when Jo wanted nothing more than to keep his little family of him, Kailyn and Isaac together? Well, the tables have turned quite a bit. Kail can't stop thinking about how her feelings towards Jo shifting. She meets with a friend to talk about the weekday meeting. She admits to her friend that things went a little farther than they should've but won't admit what. Kail and her friend then begin making up excuses about how he's the baby daddy and they will always have a bond. Lucky for us Jo doesn't decide to be so candid about the nights events. He tells Junior (his brother) that he and Kail had sex in the shower. I felt that was an odd scenario, but anyway. Later Jordan comes over to spend time with Kail, he asks her how the Wednesday night porno, I mean visit with Jo went. Kail again says things went a bit further than they should've. Understandably Jordan is upset and just can't understand why she'd hurt him. Kail sits there for what seems like 18 hours telling Jordan that he needs to understand she was confused with her feelings towards Jo and will be because they will always have a bond together, that he should put himself in her (cheating) shoes and try to understand. Jordan, being the dork I've grown to love, has a wonderful little comeback- he reminds dear Kail that not everyone who has a baby daddy or momma cheats on the new significant other. Kail doesn't even look upset during the whole conversation, she just tries to throw blame at Jordan instead, because he should just accept her cheating apparently. Jordan packs up his things and leaves, but not without one more line- "I hope you can live with yourself." Next up in Kail's little scheme is to meet with Jo and feel him up, I mean out. She tells him how she has been feeling and what the sex meant, Jo is pretty real with her, he says things about not wanting to settle down with any women at this point in time, that he's just living his life. To translate that, it means Kail isn't the only one getting late night shower sessions. This is when Kailyn turns on the water works. And they flow with fury. Jo is seemingly not phased and goes about playing with Isaac. Whoops! Guess that one didn't work out.

Chelsea chats with her mom about how it's been a whole month since seeing Adam, and she's still healing from heart break number....I honestly don't even know at this point, but it's a high number. A very high one. She tells her mom that Aubree is her BFF, and when she picks up the little princess in training- she throws an awkward fit. Chelsea's mom then asks her if she'd like to come to town with her for a car show. Chelsea calls her out that it's to pick up dudes, and it is. Then Chelsea realizes she will probably see Adam, she does. While there Chelsea's mom walks off with some creeper guy in a shirt every 8 year old boy wishes he had, and Chelsea spots her prince douche. He completely ignores noticing her and his own daughter.Chelsea quickly runs away to a secluded park bench where she opens up to her mom, asking her how much longer it would take until she stops hurting when she sees Adam. The next day there's a glimmer of hope in her otherwise awful (-ly spoiled) life- her first GED test result! She needs to hit a 450 to pass, but she surprisingly gets a 560. When she calls the Rand Man, he's as surprised as I was because right away he asks her if she bombed it! Then later on she spends some time at her mom's house again, and would you look at that! Gets a call from Adam. He asks if he can pick up Aubree instead of his mom, of course Chelsea says this is fine. When he arrives he attempts to pick up little Aubs, who proceeds to throw a fit as soon as Adam touches her. They all pile into his awful truck and go for a ride! Chelsea is smiling from ear to ear the whole backwoods ride. She gets another surprise call from him 24 hours later! This time he picks her up on his motorcycle and they ride helmet-less into the sunset. All while each time instead of stepping in, her mother just lets her go. I'd chain her to the floor.

 We start Jenelle's part of the episode with her hopping on a plane and flying to California for a month long vacation in what appears to be one of the prettiest hotel/spas I've ever seen! Wait...I got that wrong. She jet sets to California to Malibu Horizon for rehab. With that name, it's pretty evident this is one monogrammed bathrobe away from a spa trip. Hector the driver and Grant a coordinator of sorts pick her up from the airport and they are off to rehab! In the car she tells Grant how she is depressed, anxious and nervous about going through this. She is met by Merle, who must search her bags and take away her laptop and cell phone for two weeks. They find a "blunt wrapper," of course, but nothing else. She then has to do a pee test, and would you look at that! Positive for THC. Her first meeting with the doctor, we learn that she has a brother who is a bipolar schizophrenic, and the doctor fears she may be suffering from bipolar disorder as well. She gets depression medicine to see if that will help. As well, she states that she has smoked everyday for 6 years. And that's not a problem to her, but it's illegal so that's the problem. Jenelle attends a few sessions with the doctor we are able to see a bit of. She seems to actually be trying. In one exercise the doctor asks Jenelle to give three words to describe herself- impulsive, smart, and angry. Then next, question is three words she'd like to be- happy, more caring, and affectionate. She is finally able to get her phone and laptop back, she is greeted to multiple calls/messages from the K-Bag. He wants her back. Jenelle calls him and puts him in his place- not getting back together! I was very proud she was sticking to her guns. Jenelle has a session with her doctor where they call Barbs, Jenelle tells her what's going on in the sessions. The doctor asks Barbara what she'd like from Jenelle, she tells her to fight less. Then she just has to sneak in one more comment- that she needs to spend more time with Jace, because he's attached to her and not Jenelle. This very obviously makes Jenelle furious, but she doesn't necessarily lose it. She is honest and says how mad this makes her, but she doesn't yell. The doctor more or less has to tell Babs to shut up because she keeps trying to get in the last word, like normal. They also discuss the bipolar possibility, Barbara says she always kind of thought so. At the final meeting with one of the doctors, he asks Jenelle if she feels she's bipolar, she says yes. When Jenelle gets to return home, Barbara and Jace are there to meet her at the airport! They actually hug, but poor Jace's cute shaggy hair was chopped off! When they get home Jenelle even has some fancy Hollywood gifts to give her mom and Jace. Here's to hoping she does well, it's not been the easiest for her in present time, but I can see a slow incline.

So who is ready to see the season 1 girls now!? I mean, minus Farrah.


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