Aug 31, 2011

Teen Mom - 8/30/11 - Recap

As always, Tuesday night brought us a new episode of MTV's Teen Mom. Maybe not the most exciting episode this season, but of course I enjoyed it none the less.

Farrah-- She decides to look into Arizona for school and living. Invites Debra and Michael, since they apparently lived there at one point in time. Starting from the airport she is her normal self; a spoiled, self entitled brat. She cannot even check bags without a 'rude. Of course this translates to once they're in AZ. Where she gets mad because they advise her that she's looking at houses in the ghetto. Then at a family dinner in public with little Sophia, Debra and her get in a fight. Farrah tells her mother she shouldn't have had her if she didn't want to deal with her, and in return is told she needs help. Well hello elephant in the room! Her part of the episode ends with Michael and her mother agreeing to counseling. 

Catelynn & Tyler-- Catelynn's dad comes to visit them in Michigan from Florida, all while they move into a larger, cheaper place. If you remember there were rumors online a few months back they were evicted, I doubt that was the case. Catelynn's father is the most normal, down to earth, calm man...I was shocked that he and April are how the wonderful Catelynn was made. NOT a match. Her dad met Ty for the first time and took a test to possibly get aa job up there.

Maci-- Number one, I'm glad she stopped with the baby number two. Instead she debated not going back to school this semester. Her advisor basically said you're nuts, just do it. She still debated with the notion of no school and finding a job. C'mon Maci, you have the ability to do the classes now, do them! Ryan told Maci to tell Kyle they need someone to work nights at his place...awkwarddd.

Amber-- Creepyface and Amber were oddly cuddling on her couch, when the doorbell rings and flowers come. A couple dozen roses from Gary. Which culminated in a phone call with the creeper cursing at Gary, real classy. Amber was very upset this episode, 15 years ago her little sister Candace passed away close to the holidays. Gary invited her over to help decorate the Christmas tree with Leah after she cried that they were supposed to do it together. He comforted her, it was sweet and awkward. I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY episode on record where she has not screamed.


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